The MGOC has launched a smartphone tracking app linked to state-of-the-art tracking units. With real-time monitoring and tracking, your MG and other family vehicles can be protected, giving peace of mind when the car is left unattended or stored.

The app is not just for tracking. It can also receive notifications and news alerts from the MGOC and give reminders for MoTs, Road Tax, servicing, insurance and other motoring-related items. It is a subscription-based service with an affordable monthly charge and no contract or minimum-use constraints.

The club is confident that members and their families will find the service a valuable benefit. The fact that the two tracker unit options can be installed very easily and discreetly with no major additional wiring – and transferred to other vehicles – is a bonus. The system’s creators, Manchester-based Matrix Telematics, claim that the units are not detectable with the scanners that criminals currently use and that the units will transmit tracking signals even from inside steel containers. If you opt for the optional recovery service, there is a very high success rate in locating stolen vehicles within 60 minutes.

Car theft is increasing across the UK, with cars being targeted by both opportunist and organised criminals. Although thefts of classic cars remain low compared to modern cars, they are increasing and are usually carried out by organised gangs who are very good at what they do.

Supported by Matrix Telematics, the ‘MyCarClubApp’ has brought together a trio of specialists with an interest in cars and a determination to help reduce vehicle theft. Chris Povey and Luke Pemberton have the technical knowledge, and have worked together on several large telematic projects. Adrian Davenport, meanwhile, has 30 years of policing experience, focusing on road safety and car and caravan thefts, as well as having spent nearly ten years with a well-known vehicle-tracking company.

The MGOC is offering tested and trusted tracking units at heavily discounted rates. No longer do you have to buy the tracking unit as well as pay an annual subscription: the subscription is offered with no charge for the tracking unit. In addition, you are not tied to a fixed-term contract. Further to this, the offer is not restricted to club members and their classic car, but is also open to family and friends and their vehicles.

The club is proposing two units:

Nano, which is compact and easy to install, with just two wires that connect to the vehicle’s power supply.

Magtrack, a stand-alone battery-powered unit that is held in place with a strong magnetic base. The unit has a rechargeable battery that can last up to five years between charges, making it an ideal option for trailers and caravans. In addition, a recovery service at an additional cost is an optional extra.

See the advert on page 15 of August’s issue of
Enjoying MG. Full details of how to order can also be found on the MyCarClubApp web pages that are linked via the Members Area of the club website

30 Jul 2021