In line with the feedback received to this consultation, we can confirm that we’ll introduce legislation as soon as possible to require fuel suppliers and retailers to introduce E10 petrol in the standard 95-octane petrol grade by 1 September 2021. We’ll also require the higher-octane ‘Super’ grade to remain E5 to provide protection for owners of older vehicles.

Subject to parliamentary approval, the introduction of E10 at forecourts will occur during summer 2021 supported by a comprehensive communications campaign.

The initial legislation will apply to Great Britain only. In line with our obligations under the Northern Ireland Protocol, we’ll also notify the European Commission of our intention to legislate for the introduction of E10 in Northern Ireland to ensure regulations are in place before the September 2021 change in petrol grade.

This will:

  • ensure the change in the main petrol grade can be as smooth as possible
  • secure additional capacity to blend biofuel and displace fossil fuels in road transport
  • improve the domestic market for our valuable ethanol producers and the farming sector that supply them

We thank all those that submitted responses to the consultation. You can read an overview of the responses received and detailed summaries of responses to all questions posed during the consultation in later sections of this response.

25 Feb 2021