Buying an MG

Buying any car, new or secondhand, is a worrying business. Buying an MG can be fraught with difficulties too, as there are so many to choose from and at such varying prices but the MG Owners' Club have produced an informative booklet that will help. `Buying MG' is a useful, common sense guide packed with advice and warnings for the potential purchaser, based on the knowledge of genuine enthusiasts and the experience the Club has gained during its past 38 year history. Click here to buy online, it is definitely a "don't leave home without it" book.

Having decided on the MG model you wish to buy, `Buying MG' gives down-to-earth tips on buying generally either from private vendors, auction or dealers, it helps the reader through the tricky area of `what to look for' and how to avoid buying `a heap'! It lists items you should take along when looking at MGs to enable you to carry out an inspection for rot and rust and extensively details all the areas particularly prone to this dreaded problem. The models of MGB and GT, V8 and MGC, Midget, Metro, Maestro and Montego are then taken individually, mentioning any features or problems specific to the model and an outline price guide.

Buying an MG automobile should be a pleasure. This booklet `Buying MG' certainly helps make it so! Free on request when joining the MG Owners' Club.

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