Lost car model: 
MGB Roadster
Reg no: 
DUG 254K
Contact email:

Hi. I am trying to locate my fathers old MG that he restored back in the 1980s. My father restored this MG and it was his pride and joy. Sadly, hard times hit, and 'DUG' had to be sold to raise funds. My father is now suffering for severe Parkinson's disease and has also been through major surgery. I would dearly love to get some information on his old car, if indeed, it is still in existence. The car was sold in Cornwall in around 1989 i believe, although I was only young then so may be a year or so either side of this. 'Dug' was bright red with chrome bumpers, black leather interior and a black soft top. Any info on 'Dugs' whereabouts would be greatly appreciated, and it would be awesome to be able to update my dad. Thanks loads in advance, Pete.